Monday, April 23, 2012

Is Mile That Face

You got 100 all the way April!
The alarm clock just told me that I should be moving now, otherwise I will be late for the morning rituals in the office. Clicked the time clock-in, sign-in as if like you are attending a party and the guest book is required. Seriously, we need this one just in case our state of the art system would be on vacation leave, at least we have a back-up. In the office we never settle for plan A, we always have plan B and plan C. The plan just never stops. Grin.

Another Window to the World

I would like to introduce my new site that will be dedicated to travelers. If you are aspiring to become one or the usual adventurer like me, then I think this page is for you.

As we all know that traveling is one of the best way to learn new culture, visit friends, relatives and of course get to experience the adventure that we sometimes never imagined.

Apparently I am thinking about creating tour packages and some useful tips for travelers like us. We don't want to miss out something like preparing for the big day, things that we need to bring and the things that we can live without in traveling. Well for sure, if you are a traveler, you should be skilled in haggling, looking for the best destination, "clicker" (camera) and would willing to hunt for the best gastronomical experience.

Click the link, enjoy reading and spread the word.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

People's Champion - Buyogan Festival

photo courtesy of Claudine Melendez
The crowd went wild when one of the pride of Leyte was introduced to perform the famous dancing bees of Abuyog. It was a clear manifestation that indeed, they are the most expected and regarded as one of the best performing group in the country.
photo courtesy of Reynold Rene


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