Monday, April 23, 2012

Is Mile That Face

You got 100 all the way April!
The alarm clock just told me that I should be moving now, otherwise I will be late for the morning rituals in the office. Clicked the time clock-in, sign-in as if like you are attending a party and the guest book is required. Seriously, we need this one just in case our state of the art system would be on vacation leave, at least we have a back-up. In the office we never settle for plan A, we always have plan B and plan C. The plan just never stops. Grin.

I have to make rounds to make sure everyone is not wearing their IDs. They have to keep it in their bags and you have to remind them every morning. Why do I never get tired of doing this? Do I sound like your mom? Nothing really serious about it, I just want to make them laugh and smile at me while I am reminding them to flash their IDs proudly. We are doing good and of course we have to make them feel that we are doing good. Mother said, "smile before you answer the phone, the person on the other line will notice it." Are you sure about this mom? Then why did you terminated our contract with Bayantel?

Taking calls is really tough and sometimes the reality of it can be found in social networking sites when a colleague would post some funny stuff on his/her timeline just so everyone will know how was the day came through. I know its tough. I've been there answering calls and the best part of every call is what? Jeez! I forgot. My employer will kick my ass because of this. I'm really sorry. If you feel you need to enroll me in one of those workshops again, please...I think I need it. Just kidding.

Now, looking at the control monitor if we have calls waiting to be served and I would go yelling, "we have 1 call waiting, it might be your mom calling you!" Again its another way to loosen up the floor and making them relax and continue with their transaction with a smile in their face. I hope I am doing this right. Tell me if my jokes are corny or I would appreciate if one day one agent will approach me and tell me, "Oh Lester, stop it. Your jokes are way like the stone age period."

Everything is serious of course in every transaction and remember guys, don't forget to say it sincerely..."Good morning this is Lester! How may I help you?"

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Fyodor Sven said...

It is really one of the challenges in call centers.


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